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The Streamline range of Wet Process Equipment

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Today’s expectation of more for less has forced our competitors to supply equipment manufactured in low cost manufacturing zones.  Cemco’s response to this challenge is to provide more from less. This concept has resulted in a small increase in hardware manufacturing cost per metre but a large increase in capacity per metre. With a conveyor speed of up to  0.5mpm and a total line length of  less than 5 metres,  the unique  design of the Streamline system incorporates patented 'Streamline Fluid Engines'.   The fluid engines provide exceptional results within a footprint of less than 50% versus  traditional systems that employ conventional flood and spray type processing techniques .

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This new product range takes its name from the unique laminar or streamline flow treatment chambers that replace conventional flood and spray chambers used in earlier designs. These fluid engines result in faster and more uniform reaction, reducing processing time and equipment footprint. This is only one of the unique features that make the Streamline range smaller, more efficient and more capable than conventional equipment........

Conventional immersion chambers result from pumping fluid from a sump to a dammed roller conveyor chamber. The solution is re-circulated at a rate of approximately 5X VPM (chamber volume per minute) via manifolds positioned between the conveyor rollers to displace depleted chemistry and trapped gasses. This combination of flooded jet and roller wheel transport results in chaotic turbulent zones within a stagnant bath. By contrast, Streamline Fluid Engine immersion chambers have no rollers and provide laminar solution flow at a 100X VPM, resulting in faster, more uniform reactions.

Streamline Fluid Engine Pat.Pend  The engine comprises two plates closed at each side to form a narrow chamber. Fluid containment rollers, mounted at the entrance and exit of the chamber, push and pull both flexible and rigid materials through this chamber. Fluid is injected at the centre of each plate via continuous slots or knives, resulting in steady boundary layers balancing and guiding material in transit. The leading and trailing edges of the plates are shaped to take advantage of Coander effect, diverting the boundary layer diffusion point away from the panel entry and exit zones. This maintains the streamline flow and diverts fluid above the plates, preventing flooding and material deflection.

Streamline Rinse Knives  These short fluid knife flood zones isolated by dual or triple EPDM Rollers provide rinsing between processes.  Rinse efficiency is a function of the volume of water applied. The fluid knife delivers re-circulated rinse water at double the flow typically used in conventional rinses while occupying a fraction of the space.

Jet Knife Dryer Designed for lower conveyor speeds, the parallel knife drying head requires minimal space. High velocity angled jets of air heated by the integral side channel blower provide complete drying at speeds of up to 1.5 metres per min.

Inclined Fluid-Knife Dryer  For higher conveyor speeds and thicker materials the inclined fluid knife dryer provides unparalleled drying. Precision, fixed knives deliver high velocity air heated by the inverter controlled side channel blower, ensuring a complete drying solution for any material from flex circuit to back panel.
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Here is a narrated power point presentation entitled Saving Energy and Reducing Waste (file size 14 mb),  which explains the developments made in the design of wet process equipment and the benefits of the new Streamline design.

Bruce Routledge published an article in  The Journal of the The Institute of Circuit Technology (Oct 2009), a paper entitled "AN INNOVATION IN HORIZONTAL PROCESSING",  click here to read in full.

A fast installation is what you will get with a Streamline system.
The link below records an Immersion Silver line installation that took approx 4 hours (excluding connection to the utilities) from start to finish and shows the system's unique construction compared to conventional wet process systems. The upper conveyor/process chambers are completely separate to the sumps and mounted on a stainless tubular frame. The benefit of having this type of support frame is that it allows the system to expand and contract in a straight line and thereby eliminating excess load on the drive motor.
Streamline system installation



Here follows a sequence of video downloads which demonstrate the ease of maintenance with a Streamline system.








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