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The Streamline range
Model SHADOW 750®
for use with OMG Electronic Chemicals

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The Cemco Streamline Range Pat Pend. horizontal processor has been configured and qualified for use with OMG Electronic Chemicals Shadow® at a conveyor speed of 750mm/min. The Shadow® system is a unique process based on a graphite conductive colloid technology. The patented process uses crystalline graphite, combined with an adhesion-promoting polymer, to form an aqueous graphite suspension. Shadow® is a true direct plating process, designed to totally replace electroless copper as a through-hole metallisation technology.

The system comprises three basic stages: Stage 1) Cleaner and conditioner to the through-hole wall; Stage 2) Coating of a highly conductive graphite followed by a partial polymerisation and dry; Stage 3) Removal of the Shadow® coating from the panel copper surfaces, and dry. A number of options are available including automatic dosing, loading and unloading and higher throughput capacity..
Feed Conveyor with drive motor
Immersion Cleaner/Conditioner
Three-stage Cascade Mains Water Rinse
Immersion Shadow ®
Immersion Fixer
Immersion Fixer Rinse
Panel Drier
Inspection Conveyor with Drive
Micro-Etch Spray
Two–stage Cascade DI Water Rinse
Single-stage DI Water Rinse
Panel Drier
Outfeed Conveyor with Drive

Conveyor speed : 0.750 mtr/minute
Conveyor working width : 510mm & 610mm
Panel size : Min. 305 mm x 150mm
                     Max. 610mm width
Panel thickness : 0.05 mm (inners plus
                               copper) up to 3.2mm
Overall length : 6021mm
Overall Width : 1250 mm
Water consumption (rinsing) : Mains 1-6 ltr/min
                                                   aprox x 2, DI 1-6 ltr/ min x 1
Voltage : 400V
Frequency : 50 Hz


High efficiency, non-contact, Streamline Fluid
Engines. Pat Pend.
All polypropylene fabrication
Easy access sliding covers
Easy clean removable sumps
8 Roller process containment
EPDM conveyor rollers used throughout for improved wear resistance and chemical compatibility
All gears are manufactured from PVDF
Direct drive, low torque transport system
Siemens PLC control with touch-screen interface
automatic fault detection etc.
Installation pack including bund tray, extraction
ducts, drain and water manifolds etc.
Can be located against a wall
Small footprint
Low power
Low water consumption
Simple fast maintenance procedures
Quick, easy access
Flexible and rigid transport capability
Low fluid losses
No roller wheel marks or staining