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Alchemy D Type:

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Alchemy, designed and manufactured by Cemco, has proven to be the preferred solder coater by many of the world’s leading PCB fabricators and assemblers. Alchemy systems are able to provide improved surface planarity, excellent solder distribution, a clean bright finish and fewer defects.
The 'D type' has been designed specifically with low to medium capacity facilities in mind. However, it is an ideal option for existing Alchemy or other Leveler users where additional capacity for high quality product is required, and where floor space is limited.

The system incorporates a panel align/rotator, allowing the system to be installed in either straight line or ‘U’ configuration.
Alchemy's patented design uses computer controlled automation, providing precision adjustments via a touch screen. Pre-set process limits are continuously monitored and regulated. Leveling speeds up to 30 meters per minute result in reduced solder contact time and a thinner inter-metallic layer.

While the Alchemy 'D-type' is a low cost system it is still easily capable of processing in excess of 1,400 panels per shift, with first pass yields typically in excess of 97%. A combination of convection hot air preheating and less active chemistry help to reduce thermal shock and minimise absorption of surface organics. When compared with alternative coatings, an Alchemy system is a cost competitive process.


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