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  • Compared to similar sized systems Quicksilver (QS) uses approx 10kw less power. 10-20kw per hour is used during normal operation depending on duty cycle (panels processed per hour). The QS is well insulated, having a sump capacity of 235kg (610mm x 610mm Lead Free solder machine) compared with up to aprox 320kg for other systems.

The surface area of the solder that is exposed to the atmosphere (chilling area) is relatively small in the Quicksilver. The QS design allows solder to weir over a relatively narrow channel (dividing the dip and pump zone) aprox 100mm when the pump is running at maximum. Most other systems employ a design similar to that of wave soldering machines. Solder overflows around the full periphery of the solder pot into a channel that surrounds it. This creates more dross and also has a greater cooling effect on the solder, requiring more heat energy to maintain temperature.

  • QS is the only machine to incorporate a highly efficient, patented combined airknife/heat exchanger. There is less heat loss because the air knife section is an integral part of the heat exchanger. Incoming air to the aluminium block heat exchanger passes through a series of ports providing maximum efficiency, ensuring there is little or no air that is not directly heated by the heat exchanger.

Most, if not all other systems employ a remote heat exchanger container fitted with heaters. The air is passed through a large bore pipe that is in contact with the heaters. While the air is hottest at the wall of the pipe, the air at the centre of the pipe is cooler. As a result the air has to be heated far higher than the 290C air operating temperature of the QS. In most cases remote heat exchangers require air to be continuously fed to the knives in an effort to keep them hot.

  • QS incorporates an easy maintenance swing out solder pump. This takes less than 1 minute to access the pump compared to aprox 15 plus minutes for other systems. The pump is located in the pump zone. It transfers solder down a flow pipe to the bottom of the dip zone. Multiple exit holes within the base of the flow pipe allow solder to freely circulate upwards across the entire dip zone eliminating any static or cold spots.
  • Swing Back upper section is provided allowing total sump access for cleaning and pump zone heater replacements.
  • Easy to use operator controls (even with gloves on). In addition to the touch screen controls the QS also has large push button controls for increasing/decreasing dwell time for preheat (first dip if selected) and second dip cycles.
  • Optional Patented profile panel clamping system. Only the QS is capable of reworking routed panels that have soldered features up to the extreme edges of the panel. All other machines require an area void of circuit features to enable it to be clamped.
  • QS Air knives are precision engineered. The tips are manufactured from high carbon tool steel coated with titanium nitride (a gold looking coating similar to coatings used on the more expensive drill bits). This provides an extremely hard and chemical resistant coating. The tips are machined with a preset gap and therefore no need to make any adjustments. The tips are the same technology as used with the Alchemy horizontal systems. The result - although the panel is immersed at 90 degrees to the airflow, the quality of coverage and uniformity is superior to other equipment offering a 45 degree panel dipping process.
  • QS has a smaller footprint.

  • Combined extraction/flux containment box with drain (optional). This is a neat way of collecting spent and airborne flux and having a central extraction point in one container.
  • The sump is made from Boiler Plate (carbon steel) and therefore is not affected by the aggressive nature of the lead free alloy to the same degree as stainless steel. The pump housing and impeller are meonite (cast steel).